High Fidelity Environments

Simulation KwickScreens are versatile mobile walls that instantly create realistic backdrops for simulation scenarios. Our state of the art printers can print extremely high quality large scale images, and we can replicate anything from familiar clinical surroundings to less predictable off-site scenarios. So whether you need an icy road or an ICU, we can tailor our range of images to your requirements.

Flexible Sequential Scenarios

Our screens allow you to switch between scenarios in a matter of minutes, allowing to create the setup that suits your specific needs. The panels are double sided, allowing you to have instantly two separate scenarios available in just one screen. Our newest product the Duo allows an even larger degree of flexibility with 4 printed sides, and corners to be created to simulate a room. View our Simulation Catalogue for the one of a kind options we offer when creating simulation environments.


Cost Effective Training

Utilising medical simulation screens are a fraction of the cost of expensive remodelling, or renting costly training equipment. At KwickScreen we believe in giving medical students the best possible training they can receive, and KwickScreens can be printed with whatever equipment or scenario you need. Our skilled graphic design team can even create you a scenario from scratch, and you can also have images of your own wards printed. Have a look at our Simulation Catalogue for the kinds of environments we can create.

KwickScreens used for aesthetics at Bucks New University Simulation Suite

Simulation Ambulances

Our Simulation Ambulances, or ‘Simbulance’, was designed to be a functional and realistic replica of a training ambulance. The Simbulance is a fraction of a cost of renting a training ambulance and can be folded away with a very small storage footprint when not in use. Popular for transfer training and sequential simulations, it has been designed to replicate the pressures of working within restricted spatial confines, and is fully portable for easy manoeuvrability between locations. Have a look at the product specs here.