KwickScreen Ltd and KwickScreen Inc are the only manufacturers of KwickScreen products, with all products being manufactured in London. KwickScreen reserves the rights to its Intellectual Property, including Patents and Trademarks.


UK Patent: WO 2010/109247: Screens

EU Patent: EP3251562A3 : Retractable screen

US Patent: US20170325605A1: Methods for improving straightness in the vertical plane of retractable screen partitions


UK: UK00002511961

US: 5053388

Counterfeit ProduCts

If you believe you have been sold suspected counterfeit products or been involved with any other form of suspected infringement of our intellectual property please contact us immediately on:

UK: +44 (0) 020 8452 5975

US: +1 (202) 738-4044

or email us using the link below.