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Dimensions & Specs

How far do the screens extend?

Both the Pro and Air extend up to 3m / 118in, and the Duo can extend up to 6m / 236in. All of the products sit comfortably extended at any length up to these maximums.

How tall are the screens?

The Pro and Duo both sit at 1.9m / 75in tall, and the Air at 1.8m / 63in. The Pro and Air also comes in a shorter 1.6m / 63 in version if required.

How heavy are the screens?

The heaviest product is the Pro at 33kg / 73lbs, because of the aluminium casing. The Duo weighs 20kg / 44lbs, and the Air is the lightest at 13kg / 29lbs.

Can I fix my screen to the floor?

None of the current KwickScreen products are able to be fixed to the floor, however if you require a static screen the Air is fixed to the wall and the Pro also comes in a fixed to wall version.


Cleaning & Care

What can the screens be cleaned with?

KwickScreens have been designed in line with infection control performance specifications. It’s smooth surfaces are easy to clean and designed to withstand regular cleaning. Surfaces can be cleaned using most healthcare cleaning solutions including quaternary, bleach solutions or sporicidal and virucidal disinfectants. Hyplochlorite may also be used on the screen material. Hypochlorite can be applied at 1000-10000 ppm or a 60% alcohol solution. Also the following cleaning agents may be used at room temperature: ·Methyl butyl alcohol ·Naptha VM&P ·Ethyl alcohol ·Isopropyl alcohol.

Care should be taken with printed panels when using alcohol based agents. For more information on cleaning best practices and specific solutions please refer to our User Manual.

Are the screens waterproof?

All KwickScreen products are water resistant and can withstand accidental contact with water/most cleaning solutions (see cleaning section), however are not fully waterproof and are not recommended for outdoor use, or for use as a shower partition.

Can the screens bend?

We do not promote or advise bending the screens in any direction as this will damage them and may cause them to break and or the C tube material to snap. If you require a corner partition or one that can be configured into an L shape, we have a product - the Duo, which is specifically designed for this.



Can I have more than one image per screen?

All KwickScreens have a double sided printable inner panel. You can request to have the same image on both sides, or to have different images on either side. You can select which images you want from our Image Catalogue.

Does it cost more to have more than one image per screen?

It costs the same to have the same image on both sides of the inner panel, or to have a different image on either side.

Can we have our own branding put on the screens?

Yes, personal or corporate logos, branding and custom artwork can be printed onto the inner panels.

Does it cost more to have my own artwork printed?

If you wish to supply your own artwork for printing it costs an additional £50 +VAT.

What format do I need to submit my own artwork in?

Vector file types are preferable where possible such as .pdf or .ai.Other acceptable file types include .png, .jpeg, or .eps, and need to be high resolution - at least 300 dpi and 10MB (bigger the better). Pantone, RAL or CMYK codes can be printed. For more detailed guidelines about printing guidelines and artwork templates please refer to our Printing Guide.

Can we change the inner panels

Yes the inner panels on all KwickScreen products are interchangable, and you can purchase more than one panel if you wish to swap artwork in and out.


Manufacturing & Shipping

Where are the products manufactured?

All KwickScreen products are manufactured, assembled, and shipped from our factory at our London HQ.

What is the lead time for orders?

Our standard lead times for orders is 4-6 weeks. These are subject to change depending on the quantity of your order, artwork choices and shipping location. Our customer service team will be able to discuss your specific lead time with you upon placing an order and keep you up to date with how your order is processing.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes we ship internationally, and have a number of distributors globally. Please refer to our list of distributors, an get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.


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