Used across many different healthcare environments to improve the patient experience and transform spaces. KwickScreen portable, retractable printable room partitions have multiple benefits:

• Increased flexibility & dignity

• The healing benefits of art brought into the patient experience

• Improving infection control and hygiene compliance

• Allow for high fidelity simulation scenarios to be created easily and cost effectively

As I learned what KwickScreen could do, I realised it was perfect for what we were trying to accomplish. Everything from the ability to print images on it, to the effortless way you can transport and store it. It was the whole package. It’s more than just a “wall on wheels”. It’s a way to go beyond the four walls of any one particular environment and transport people to a place that a lot of them never thought they’d be in.
It has this “wow” factor we couldn’t grab hold of before.
— Isaac Garcia, Environmental Services Director at Boston Children’s Hospital
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These organisations are already using KwickScreen and changing the face of healthcare:


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