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KwickScreen’s privacy screens are an innovated solution, and ensure patient dignity. They are an easy and flexible way to divide space in an open ward. You roll them into a corner when they’re not in use, and when a patient needs privacy, you just roll out the flexible material to create an instant wall. Unlike the hospital curtains they replace, they are very hygienic, you can disinfect them on the spot by wiping them clean.
— Mark Nash, Director at Vistamatic

Used across many different healthcare environments to improve the patient experience and transform spaces. KwickScreen portable, retractable printable room partitions have multiple benefits:

• Increased flexibility & dignity

• The healing benefits of art brought into the patient experience

• Improving infection control and hygiene compliance

• Allow for high fidelity simulation scenarios to be created easily and cost effectively

These organisations are already using KwickScreen and changing the face of healthcare:

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