Temporary Discharge Lounge

Portable privacy screens


The patient who is well enough to go home is sitting in a bed which could be used by patients who are unwell and waiting for admission.


To create a temporary discharge lounge using KwickScreen - a portable privacy screen. This can be created using one or more KwickScreens in a corner or section of the ward with seating, allowing the patients to wait comfortably for their transportation or their medicines.


There are many benefits to creating temporary discharge zones, especially when bed capacity is full, as this can free up vital bed space. It helps implement the SAFER bundle. By freeing up beds before 10am it allows for early discharge. Having a temporary discharge lounge can improve patient flow.

Hospital privacy screens KwickScreen in the hospital lounge.

Hospital privacy screens KwickScreen in the hospital lounge.

It can also help A&E departments achieve the 4-hour targets, which hospitals are currently finding hard to meet. By moving people who are being discharged from the bed space, the bed is made available for incoming patients, reducing the waiting time for sick patients.

It also makes the area nicer for patients and can improve the environment. KwickScreens offer a wide range of high quality designs that can be chosen by you to improve a space.

A further benefit is that by creating a temporary discharge zone with KwickScreens, it makes it cheaper than creating a permanent lounge, which may not be needed in the summer months.

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Medical privacy screens KwickScreen in the hospital lounge.

Medical privacy screens KwickScreen in the hospital lounge.

How To Deal With Noise At Hospital Ward

Hospital privacy screens on wheels KwickScreens at hospital ward in The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London.

Hospital privacy screens on wheels KwickScreens at hospital ward in The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London.

Imagine, you wake up in the middle of the night to find yourself in a strange bed that is not your own, sharing a room with a bunch of people you don’t recognise and a strange array of beeps and chatter are keeping you from falling back into your half successful sleep.

This is something that is an everyday occurrence on many hospital wards. In an already strange environment, getting to sleep can be really difficult. Sounds that you are likely to hear on a ward at night are:

- The sound of monitors

- Staff talking

- Other patients talking

- Bins opening and closing

- Medicine cupboards opening and shutting

- New patients arriving

Many of these issues can be easily resolved, but some things are difficult to prevent as they are the natural sounds of a ward. One way to solve these issues is by using a sound baffling hospital partition KwickScreen which acts as a sound proof wall so the background sounds of the ward can be limited.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that average hospital ward noise levels should not exceed 35 decibels (dB). But the researchers found the average sound level at hospitals exceeding 45 dBA.

Hospital privacy screens on wheels KwickScreens at hospital ward in The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London. 

Hospital privacy screens on wheels KwickScreens at hospital ward in The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London. 

Disturbed sleep in hospital can mean patients have a lower pain threshold, lowered immune defences and can make people feel more emotional. Recent study has reveald that noisy and chaotic hospitals are even causing and accelerating dementia in elderly patients. 

Reducing noise at night means that patients who really need to sleep in order to recover can have a proper night’s sleep, making them healthier and so can make a quicker recovery.

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Why KwickScreens Are Better Than Curtains When You Have Ceiling Lifts

Not long ago, we fitted 12 KwickScreens in The Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre at UCLH London.

Unlike the widely used cubical curtain tracks, KwickScreens are self-supporting so don’t require any ceiling attachments. This allowed the tracked ceiling hoists to be re-positioned around the ward without disturbing other patients or interrupting their privacy.

6 hours and 2 fitters later, we installed 8 fixed to wall KwickScreens and 4 portable KwickScreens into one of their multi-bed environments. If more space is needed, portable KwickScreens can be positioned anywhere to allow greater flexibility. Whether you’re installing a X-Y traverse system or single U-shaped track in a multiple-bed care environment, KwickScreens can be installed quickly and cost effectively to improve the patient experience by removing any breaks in a curtain track which reduce privacy when used.

KwickScreen - portable room partitions for hospital

Laura Compton, the unit Manager at The Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre at UCLH London, wanted you to know that “With KwickScreens it’s so much easier to maneuver the hoist on its track from patient to patient and to maintain privacy and dignity.”

KwickScreens also allow for greater flexibility. Installing portable screens allows reposition to the right space at the right time. Comparatively, the fixed version is able to be installed with wall brackets at any point in the unit. Extended brackets are available to allow easy installation around existing trunking without the need for remodeling.

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Winter Pressures

The weather is getting colder, the floor is getting icy and the NHS see more patients than at any other time of the year. Yes, its that time of the year… winter. As you may have seen in the news or have experienced yourself, at this time of the year the NHS experiences ‘winter pressures.’ The A&E departments get busy, increasing by 7% over the last several years, as more people experience falls with the icy weather. More people also come in with flu or other infections. Overall, there are a greater number of people, without enough capacity for them all. Usually, hospitals open extra wards, or increase bed numbers to accommodate for these large numbers. These emergency wards, need quick-to-hand resources.

KwickScreen can provide portable screens that can be quickly manoeuvred around the ward whenever it is convenient. This is great at this time of the year where there is more pressure, as it can allow you to give privacy to your patients whilst still doing your job efficiently. KwickScreens can also be printed with festive prints to brighten up wards, especially those which may not be used at other times of the year. This can brighten spirits and improve wellbeing for patients and staff, who may also be feeling the winter blues. KwickScreens can also be provided as a backdrop to choirs or brass bands, or even for Father Christmas himself! KwickScreens can make winter pressures more efficient, can help maintain privacy, meet infection control standards and make wards and spaces more festive over the Christmas period.

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Sparking Imagination

Look at this blue underwater paradise, can you see that fish and look there, a dolphin! What else can you see? A mermaid comes swimming over to you, she asks you to follow her, where does she take you? To the shipwreck? Looks like you're going on an adventure, how exciting!

Imagination. It's needed in hospital environments when there’s not much else for the patients to do, especially children and young people. One of the joys of working in the children’s department comes from the interaction between the staff and the patients. It's also a way of connecting with them to help find out more information in order to make a diagnosis. Often conversations can start from a simple question which inspires imagination. Having a point of reference to talk about can help staff talk to children, even those who may be quieter than others. It could lead to a whole conversation about shipwrecks and mermaids and how they always wanted to be a mermaid.

By designing your ward with imagination in mind, you can create topics of conversation. You can make a ward a specific theme, for example in this case, an underwater theme. Other examples could be a safari theme or a theme which uses characters from TV shows. 

KwickScreen is able to provide you with enough movable screen dividers so that you can improve your ward for your patients, by making a theme flow throughout the whole environment. High quality images can be chosen and designed so that there are lots of things on screens for patients to look at and spark imagination and interest. Perhaps you want a specifically deigned screen to follow a theme you already have, if so this also can be provided.

We want to help you create the best possible environment for your patients and to help staff connect with children and young people through storytelling or using an I-spy approach.

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Does Art Work Help Healing?

Research shows that vivid pictures of landscapes, friendly faces and familiar objects can lower blood pressure and heart rate. Images of green landscapes, water scenes and cultural artefacts have been proven to calm patients. This is because people feel at ease with pictures that they can identify with and therefore are able to project their own feelings of anxiety and unease onto them.

However, too much stimuli can have a bad affect on health as it increases anxiety, so abstract art can sometimes have a negative effect. Consider choosing art work based on the theme of the ward to make it consistent and not visually overpowering.

Scientists have revealed that when looking at art dopamine is triggered in the same area of the brain as the part that falls in love, meaning that art biologically makes you happier.

Adding art into hospital environments can make patients and staff feel happier. This can also affect the overall health and wellbeing of patients.

At KwickScreen, our high quality photographs are shown to aid healing, making patients and staff happier:

“I had a patient who was depressed one night and had just come off the ventilator. I pulled the screen out in front of him and it really brightened his mood. I saw him smile for the first time” – Claire Tee, ITU staff nurse, William Harvey Hospital

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