Privacy for Classes

Many gyms or sports facilities are now open plan, which great for flexibility and maximising use of space. However sometimes flexible privacy is needed or wanted to divide areas, for example for exercise classes or for private PT sessions. KwickScreens can provide privacy when required and be slimly retracted and fit elegantly against the wall when an open plan space is desired. Screens can be printed with bespoke branding motivational artwork.

Pop-up Clinics & Physio

Our screens, specifically now the Duo which features 4 sides and can be fashioned into an L shaped room divider to create a corner, can be used to make a pop-up clinics and treatment zones at sports events. Designed originally for healthcare, KwickScreens are infection control approved and the one-touch-point-use is more hygienic and easier to assemble than using curtains. One large smooth surface makes the screens exceptionally easy to clean throughout or post the event.

KwickScreen Pro at the Gym Group retractable privacy screen gym divider

Post-Match Interview Backdrops

KwickScreens can provide great backdrops for post-match interviews. Inner panels can be printed with sponsorship logos and any bespoke branding, and can be interchanged for different sports, teams, and events.

gym 01.jpg

Emergency Medical Partitioning

Screens can be used in the instance of an emergency medical situation occurring, such as a player collapse, injury or in stadiums where there are spectator incidences. Our mobile screens can be wheeled out to shield players or fans from crowds and ensure they receive the best treatment from paramedics or medical staff.

Gym Group 02.jpg
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