Flexible Co-Working Spaces

As more and more educational facilities, especially in universities, become more open plan the need for flexible space management grows. KwickScreens can offer the perfect solution to be able to easily reconfigure open plan spaces such as libraries to create side rooms and private areas for concentrated individual study or study groups. KwickScreens can also be used to partition-off exam halls, separate zones in cafes or other public space amenities, and even in labs or lecture halls.

Branding & Signage

KwickScreens can be printed with bespoke branding and signage, unique to your university or school. They can be used as partitions to zone-off areas such as where maintenance works are being carried out, or to signify when exams are in process. Get in touch with our artwork team today and request a render be drawn up for you to see how your branding could be displayed.

KwickScreen Air insitu in University
KwickScreen Pro room divider at the Royal College of Art
KwickScreen at the Royal College of Art Cafe Room divider