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Light. Thin. Flexible.

Embodying all of the benefits and features of the KwickScreen Pro, the Air is ultra lightweight, more flexible and ready to help you create your space. 

Designed for small spaces and 180 degrees of flexibility. The KwickScreen Air can be used in even the most confined spaces to provide a privacy solution. The Air features a simplified, lighter frame, with no aluminium casing. The handle and base have both been reduced in size and weight, allowing the frame to be supported on only two castors. This lightweight body allows effortless extension and retraction of the screen, with nearly no force required, at any angle.

The screen attaches securely to the wall, and features an innovative self-closing mechanism. When retracted, the screen will click shut holding seamlessly against the wall.

KwickScreen Air

Total Extended Width: 300cm
Retracted Width: 14cm
Base Width: 31cm
Height: 190cm or 160cm
Weight: 13kg


Why KwickScreen?

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Our screens are not only designed for functionality, but with the patient in mind. Our screens are fully customisable, allowing you to enhance your patient wellbeing by introducing the healing benefits of art to clinical spaces.
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Our products actively improve the flexibility of spaces. We believe in shaping spaces around patients - not the other way around. Thats why our products allow spaces to become multipurpose, offering privacy when its needed, and background aesthetic when it’s not.
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Design is integral in every part of what we do. All of our products are designed with the very best quality and user benefit that is possible.
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Our products currently offer the best lifetime value in comparison to traditional alternatives such as hospital curtains. For more information on cost savings download our whitepaper.

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