Engaging Imagery for Children

Being in hospital or in care is a scary time for anyone, let alone if you are a child. Brightening up ward spaces can really help children in clinical environments. KwickScreens are completely customisable and we offer a range of peadiatric friendly prints. Happy, bright imagery has not only been proven to aid physical and mental wellbeing, and faster recovery times in patients, but also can be used as a stimulus to distract children, with printed games and fun characters for them to engage with.

Neonatal Care

KwickScreens can provide flexible privacy for new mothers breastfeeding in open plan units, and the retractable nature of the screens allows privacy for mothers when they want it, and flexible open plan space when they don’t. KwickScreens also provide increased infection control for the sensitive immune systems of newborns, as they are one-touch-point-use and the large smooth surface is quick and easy to disinfect. Screens can also be made with transparent panels, allowing staff to be able to monitor equipment and patients, all the while acting as a divider to protect against cross-infection between patients.

KwickScreen Pro Peadiatrics Childrens Neonatal ward for infection control and patient privacy