Flexible Open Plan Offices

Offices and workplaces are increasingly becoming more open plan. However despite the multiple benefits open plan and co-working spaces have for employers and employees, the need to divide and adapt space quickly and easily is a daily occurrence. KwickScreen room dividers are a great fit for contemporary office spaces, and offer a great solution to an office partition screen. Create separate meeting rooms and sectioned off areas within larger spaces, or pop up zones with the flexibility of them being retracted when not in use. Choose from either fixed to wall screens or mobile portable screens that roll with you.

On Brand Aesthetics

Modern workplaces require a solution that is not only as flexible as their space, but looks great too. Our printed screens allow you to have whatever aesthetic suits your space. Whether it’s your unique company brand logos, images or slogans, or contemporary designs from our image catalogue, we can work together to make spaces that feel unique and reflect your company ethos.

KwickScreen Air  Office Room Partition Screen
KwickScreen Pro Office Portable Partition Room Divider Screen