Used across many different healthcare environments to improve the patient experience and transform spaces. Our partitions have multiple benefits for clinical environments, including increased privacy & dignity, improved infection control, and bringing the healing benefits of art.

Cooper University KwickScreen Parititons
Cooper University Fixed to Wall KwickScreen Partition


Flexible Clinical Spaces

The requirements in modern healthcare are ever changing, and differ for each individual patient. With the KwickScreen you can quickly and easily reconfigure your space, with a level of flexibility and hygiene just not offered by hospital curtains. KwickScreen allows you to create extra zones during busy periods, or adjust the shape of a space to accommodate specific equipment as needs arise.

Improved Infection Control

Designed in partnership with the NHS and Department of Health, the KwickScreen Pro was created to improve infection control to reduce healthcare acquired infections. The KwickScreens one-touch point use, can be easily cleaned by wiping or steaming, unlike hospital curtains, and the lack of wheels along its length make it easy to clean around. KwickScreen allows you to bring effective isolation to patients when non-airbourne pathogens are involved. This in turn can free up side rooms whilst maintaining a hygienic environment.

Art in Healthcare

Studies have show that bringing art into healthcare is highly beneficial. Introducing calming nature scenes and vibrant splashes of colour to clinical environments can actively aid physical and mental health, improve the overall patient experience throughout their treatment journey, and reduce recovery times. See our image catalogue for designs.

Simulation Scenarios

Simulation KwickScreens are versatile mobile walls that instantly create realistic backdrops for simulation scenarios. They are the cost effective and fuss-free solution for creating maximum fidelity environments for medical training. Our screens allow you to switch between scenarios in a matter of minutes, allowing to create the setup that suits your specific needs. We can replicate anything from familiar clinical surroundings to less predictable off site scenarios, so whether you need an icy road or an ICU, we can tailor our range of images to your requirements. View our Simulation Catalogue for the one of a kind options we offer when creating simulation environments.


KwickScreen Pro Medical Partition Screen at St Peter's Hospital Curtain replacement