Imagery to Evoke Memory

All KwickScreen products are fully customisable with printable inner panels. Printing appropriate imagery and using this to stimulate nostalgia in Alzheimers patients has been proven to be highly effective. Using recognisable locations, events, or even just calming scenes of nature, can help patients with associations and lower feelings of confusion. The inner panels are interchangeable, so you can have as many prints as you like, and even change scenes depending on season to help patients associate with the changing weather.

Colour & Way-finding

KwickScreens can be used to print way-finding and signage. Using bright coloured prints can highlight the way to bathrooms, or food and drink stations to help patients navigate.

Patient Privacy

In elderly care homes there are a lot of instances that require patient privacy to be maintained. From emergency medical instances that require a portable screen to be wheeled out to make sure other patients do not become distressed, and to help staff do their job effectively, to simply dividing living and eating spaces - KwickScreen has the solution for you.
Our screens can also be printed with transparent or semi-transparent sections so areas can be divided whilst also maintaining observation from staff and nurses.