Lactl is Born!

KwickScreen is proud to introduce Lactl our new partner brand.

Lactl is on a mission dedicated to providing private and dignified spaces for nursing mothers when they want them, and wherever they choose to express.

Over the 10 years since KwickScreen’s launch, our original product - the KwickScreen Pro - has been developed into a family of products with applications throughout healthcare, public space and workplaces. The lactation screen, our newest venture, is one of our most ambitious yet.

The Lactl screen was developed when we received an enquiry about using partition screens to create a private spaces for nursing employees to express breastmilk at work. Our original products just missed the mark due to the need for the screen to be taller, closer to the ground and lockable - so there was no way a passerby could peer around, above or below the screen. The material of the screen also needed to be more rigid.

The project was passed over to our R&D team, who were determined to make the project a reality. After a lengthy development process, trialing and modifying various versions of the product, the Lactl screen was born and brought to market!

Lactl breast feeding screen
Lactl Retractable Lactation Privacy Screen Room Divider for Workplace

Lactl screens use the same bi-stable tube technology which is the foundation of KwickScreen products, allowing the screen to be fully retractable - but taller, standing at 8” 2’, and made from a more rigid solid material giving the user a real sense of creating a completely private enclosed space.

The screen extends out from a wall mounted bracket up to 8” 2’, and features a handle and locking mechanism to create a seamless private bay. When not in use the screen retracts into the bracket and sits seamlessly against the wall taking up a very small storage footprint.

Office space 02 render.jpg

Our screens are also fully customisable, with any image you like being able to be printed on both the interior and exterior faces. Have a look at our image catalog here for some design inspiration, adding not only functionality to your space, but also beauty.

The more research we did, the more we realised the real need for products of this kind and the gaps in the current market. Furthermore the need to support breastfeeding mothers at work, and in public spaces, to ensure their rights are being met. Breastfeeding is a right not a privilege, and spaces where moms feel comfortable and safe should be paramount in any work or public space.

Office space 01 render.jpg

Breastfeeding is highly personal, and no mothers journey with it will be the same. We understand that some women may want privacy, and others may feel comfortable without. In a culture that is lending more and more towards open plan environments, we believe space should be flexible. Our ethos is to create private multifunctional spaces that create privacy when required, and can be open plan when not. Our screens offer a private, safe, and hygienic room to be created in an instant which can still be multi-useful when retracted.

Working collaboratively, KwickScreen and Lactl embody the same values by bringing to market products that solve problems and close the gap between industrial design, innovation, and art interiors.

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