Emergency Medical Partitioning

With large throughputs of people, unexpected medical instances are a common occurrence. In such case portable KwickScreens can be wheeled to the scene quickly in order to maintain the patients dignity, shield the scene from passers-by and to ensure staff or medical professionals can attend to the patient effectively.

Security Partitioning

KwickScreens can be wheeled out to create instant privacy for security checks when a private area is required, and quickly retracted when not in use. Screens can also be used to partition off areas where essential maintenance works are being carried-out, or to simply zone off an area where staff do not wish passengers to go through - such as a closed gate or non active security desk.

Branding & Way-finding

KwickScreens can be printed with bespoke airline advertising and branding to promote services throughout check-in, terminals and gates. Screens can also be used as a means of way-finding and signage through Transport Security Administration (TSA) Checkpoints and other zones.

Crowd Control

Screens can be used to manage through flow of passengers across terminals or though bottleneck zones, and are far more substantial than more traditional means of block-aiding such as belt barriers.

Airport 01 Render.jpg
KwickScreen Pro Portable Partition Screen Room Dividers at Geneva Airpot