Improving Patient Experience


Various healthcare environments use hospital privacy screens KwickScreen to replace hospital curtains, create isolation zones and provide privacy & dignity. Hospital privacy screens with prints of nature improve the patient experience and create modern, clean state of the art healing environments.

Find out more about our hospital privacy screens KwickScreen for healthcare on this page and for detailed case studies go here.

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Provide Hygiene & Infection Control

Designed with hygiene and infection control in mind, the medical privacy screen KwickScreen allows you to bring effective isolation to the patient when non-airborne pathogens are involved. This frees up side rooms whilst maintaining a hygienic environment. 

Compared to hospital curtains, the hospital privacy screens KwickScreen can be easily cleaned by steaming or wiping on a daily basis and stay clean and hygienic with minimal effort.

KwickScreen has been attested for Infection Control, find out more here: Journal of Hospital Infection




'Many of our patients are unable to travel far so it has often been a long time since they've been on holiday. However the lovely scenery printed on the KwickScreens make our patients feel like they are going on holiday when they come to the ward.  With different prints we can make it feel like a different destination each time they visit.'

Mayumi Rossi (Ward Manager), NMCCC, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

hospital privacy screens

Create Realistic Simulation Scenarios

With KwickScreen partitions screens you can create high fidelity training environments easily, quickly and inexpensively.

Switch between scenarios quickly, even whilst on site.

Storage and transport of KwickScreen partition screens is easy, therefore you can take simulation training to more training places and conferences.

To find out more about KwickScreen for simulation go to: Simulation Case StudyCreate Immersive Simulation Environments With KwickScreen Partition Screens and KwickScreen Partition Screens Create Realistic Simulation Scenarios At Buckinghamshire New University.

Watch the Simulation video here.


kwickscreen partition screen simulation
hospital privacy screens

Art In Healthcare

By bringing in vibrant art and nature scenes the healthcare environment can be transformed. Patients feel more engaged and their treatment journey benefits from the multiple benefits art in healthcare can bring.

St Mary's Treatment Centre in Portsmouth, UK shown here used local images to brighten up their clinical environment and make patients feel more at home. 


Transform Spaces Quickly

With the medical privacy screens KwickScreen you are able to quickly adapt to the ever changing requirements in a modern healthcare environment. When you need more space the KwickScreen enables you to create private working spaces for a multitude of uses. 

During busy periods in emergency departments extra triage stations might be required and with the hospital privacy screens KwickScreen a suitable private space can be created as shown at St Peter's Hospital in Chertsey, UK.

hospital privacy screens
hospital privacy screens

Paediatric Friendly

With a range of bright, colourful and playful prints the medical privacy screens KwickScreen are perfect for creating child friendly healthcare environments. 

As well as cartoons we have a range of interactive designs which encourage children to engage with the prints taking their minds away from the treatment process. 

When parents are staying with their child the KwickScreen becomes a privacy barrier for the parents if the child needs to be disturbed at night for example.




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