Privacy Screens & Temporary Discharge Lounge

 Portable privacy screens


The patient who is well enough to go home is sitting in a bed which could be used by patients who are unwell and waiting for admission.


To create a temporary discharge lounge using KwickScreen - a portable privacy screen. This can be created using one or more KwickScreens in a corner or section of the ward with seating, allowing the patients to wait comfortably for their transportation or their medicines.


There are many benefits to creating temporary discharge zones, especially when bed capacity is full, as this can free up vital bed space. It helps implement the SAFER bundle. By freeing up beds before 10am it allows for early discharge. Having a temporary discharge lounge can improve patient flow.

  Hospital privacy screens  KwickScreen in the hospital lounge

Hospital privacy screens KwickScreen in the hospital lounge

It can also help A&E departments achieve the 4-hour targets, which hospitals are currently finding hard to meet. By moving people who are being discharged from the bed space, the bed is made available for incoming patients, reducing the waiting time for sick patients.

It also makes the area nicer for patients and can improve the environment. KwickScreens offer a wide range of high quality designs that can be chosen by you to improve a space.

A further benefit is that by creating a temporary discharge zone with KwickScreens, it makes it cheaper than creating a permanent lounge, which may not be needed in the summer months.

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  Medical privacy screens  KwickScreen in the hospital lounge

Medical privacy screens KwickScreen in the hospital lounge