Why Hospital Privacy Screens KwickScreen Are Better Than Hospital Curtains When You Have Ceiling Lifts

Hospital Privacy Screens KwickScreen at The Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre at UCLH London

Not long ago, we fitted 12 KwickScreens in The Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre at UCLH London.

Unlike the widely used cubical curtain tracks, KwickScreens are self-supporting so don’t require any ceiling attachments. This allowed the tracked ceiling hoists to be re-positioned around the ward without disturbing other patients or interrupting their privacy.

6 hours and 2 fitters later, we installed 8 fixed to wall KwickScreens and 4 portable KwickScreens into one of their multi-bed environments. If more space is needed, portable KwickScreens can be positioned anywhere to allow greater flexibility. Whether you’re installing a X-Y traverse system or single U-shaped track in a multiple-bed care environment, KwickScreens can be installed quickly and cost effectively to improve the patient experience by removing any breaks in a curtain track which reduce privacy when used.

 KwickScreen - portable room partitions for hospital

Laura Compton, the unit Manager at The Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre at UCLH London, wanted you to know that “With KwickScreens it’s so much easier to maneuver the hoist on its track from patient to patient and to maintain privacy and dignity.”

KwickScreens also allow for greater flexibility. Installing portable screens allows reposition to the right space at the right time. Comparatively, the fixed version is able to be installed with wall brackets at any point in the unit. Extended brackets are available to allow easy installation around existing trunking without the need for remodeling.

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