Winter Pressures

The weather is getting colder, the floor is getting icy and the NHS see more patients than at any other time of the year. Yes, its that time of the year… winter. As you may have seen in the news or have experienced yourself, at this time of the year the NHS experiences ‘winter pressures.’ The A&E departments get busy, increasing by 7% over the last several years, as more people experience falls with the icy weather. More people also come in with flu or other infections. Overall, there are a greater number of people, without enough capacity for them all. Usually, hospitals open extra wards, or increase bed numbers to accommodate for these large numbers. These emergency wards, need quick-to-hand resources.

KwickScreen provides hospital privacy screens that can be quickly manoeuvred around the ward whenever it is convenient. This is great at this time of the year where there is more pressure, as it can allow you to give privacy to your patients whilst still doing your job efficiently. Hospital privacy screens KwickScreen can also be printed with festive prints to brighten up wards, especially those which may not be used at other times of the year. This can brighten spirits and improve wellbeing for patients and staff, who may also be feeling the winter blues. KwickScreens can also be provided as a backdrop to choirs or brass bands, or even for Father Christmas himself! KwickScreens can make winter pressures more efficient, can help maintain privacy, meet infection control standards and make wards and spaces more festive over the Christmas period.

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