Sparking Imagination With Hospital Privacy Screens KwickScreen

 Hospital privacy screens KwickScreen at the hospital ward.

Hospital privacy screens KwickScreen at the hospital ward.

Look at this blue underwater paradise, can you see that fish and look there, a dolphin! What else can you see? A mermaid comes swimming over to you, she asks you to follow her, where does she take you? To the shipwreck? Looks like you're going on an adventure, how exciting!

Imagination. It's needed in hospital environments when there’s not much else for the patients to do, especially children and young people. One of the joys of working in the children’s department comes from the interaction between the staff and the patients. It's also a way of connecting with them to help find out more information in order to make a diagnosis. Often conversations can start from a simple question which inspires imagination. Having a point of reference to talk about can help staff talk to children, even those who may be quieter than others. It could lead to a whole conversation about shipwrecks and mermaids and how they always wanted to be a mermaid.

By designing your ward with imagination in mind, you can create topics of conversation. You can make a ward a specific theme, for example in this case, an underwater theme. Other examples could be a safari theme or a theme which uses characters from TV shows. 

KwickScreen is able to provide you with enough movable screen dividers so that you can improve your ward for your patients, by making a theme flow throughout the whole environment. High quality images can be chosen and designed so that there are lots of things on screens for patients to look at and spark imagination and interest. Perhaps you want a specifically deigned screen to follow a theme you already have, if so this also can be provided.

We want to help you create the best possible environment for your patients and to help staff connect with children and young people through storytelling or using an I-spy approach.

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