Does Art Work Help Healing?

Research shows that vivid pictures of landscapes, friendly faces and familiar objects can lower blood pressure and heart rate. Images of green landscapes, water scenes and cultural artefacts have been proven to calm patients. This is because people feel at ease with pictures that they can identify with and therefore are able to project their own feelings of anxiety and unease onto them.

However, too much stimuli can have a bad affect on health as it increases anxiety, so abstract art can sometimes have a negative effect. Consider choosing art work based on the theme of the ward to make it consistent and not visually overpowering.

Scientists have revealed that when looking at art dopamine is triggered in the same area of the brain as the part that falls in love, meaning that art biologically makes you happier.

Adding art into hospital environments can make patients and staff feel happier. This can also affect the overall health and wellbeing of patients.

At KwickScreen, our high quality photographs are shown to aid healing, making patients and staff happier:

“I had a patient who was depressed one night and had just come off the ventilator. I pulled the screen out in front of him and it really brightened his mood. I saw him smile for the first time” – Claire Tee, ITU staff nurse, William Harvey Hospital

To find out how you can incorporate art work into your ward, whist also providing you with an infection control screen, please contact us today.