KwickScreen Making Your Workplace Suitable For Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be a sensitive topic, especially when the mother returns to work. It is a legal requirement that your workplace has a space where breastfeeding employees can rest, including a place to lie down. However, it is important to consider making your environment suitable for breastfeeding mothers.


Supporting employees to continue breastfeeding as they return to work can increase morale and loyalty, this can mean there is a higher rate of return to work and potentially a quicker return to work as well.

It can also help maintain your employee’s health by avoiding problems such as mastitis and other related issues.

Future benefits can also be achieved as breastfed babies tend to be healthier and so there is a reduced absence in the future due to child sickness.


It is important to make sure that your employee feels safe and secure in a hygienic area. Toilets or sick rooms are not an appropriate space as they are a hygiene risk. Some people may ask for a private area in order to express milk with dignity and privacy.


Finding out what your returning employee requires can be arranged during ‘keep in touch’ meetings whilst still on maternity leave. This gives you time to make arrangements and provide help as required. However, if you’ve already considered where the space can be identified for breastfeeding employees, then it will make it easier and quicker to adapt your environment.

KwickScreens are designed to provide a physical barrier that can be cleaned to prevent infection and provide a more hygienic space. The flexible nature of KwickScreens mean they can be pulled out to create a private space when needed and then retracted back for the rest of the day. With various designs, they can be adapted to blend and fit with your environment. The portable partitions can easily be stored away when there are no breastfeeding employees and then used again in the future.

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